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You’ve made it here for a one of two reasons:

1. You’re logged in with a Tabroom account that isn’t associated with the tournament.
2. You don’t have access based on your role in the event (coaches and non-competing students do not have access to rooms).


Browser: You must use the Chrome browser in order for the audio to work.  If you have the Zoom app, you can click “Join Via Zoom App.” Otherwise, you will have to call in using your phone.

Audio Permissions: If you are having trouble with audio, it is likely because you did not give Chrome permissions to share it. Please click the “lock symbol” to the right of the address bar (URL), and click “Allow” next to Microphone and Camera.

Mute/Unmute: You will be muted when you enter the room, if you want to speak, you will need to unmute yourself first. Please mute yourself again when you are done speaking to minimize interference and background noice.

If you are having any technical issues that you cannot isolate to your Internet connection and/or browser, please contact us ASAP!